Contemporary Historical Vehicle Association


CHVA Regions

The National Association of CHVA, known as the National Organization, will grant Regional Charters to a group of twelve or more members of CHVA who submit a Regional Charter application to the Board, with a list of members and a set of Regional By-Laws.

A Region is not defined by geographical boundaries, but rather by what works for those who wish to create or join a Region. A person may contact the Director of a nearby Region for assistance in joining that Region. Contact information available on this website. If the nearest Region is not convenient, a person may join the National Organizationby submitting an application, available on this website, and paying the appropriate dues.

Provisional Charters – A group of six members of CHVA may request a Provisional Regional Charter by using the same procedures as for a Regional Charter. When the membership reaches twelve the Association will present them with a Regional Charter.


Active Regions

Southern Arizona Region Tucson, AZ (Nathan Lancaster)
Coastal Valleys Region Woodland Hills, CA (Andrea Enthal)
Klassic Uniques Car Club Vacaville, CA (Jerry Gorley)
Mt. Shasta Region Redding, CA (Steve Elkins)
Redwood Region Walnut Creek, CA (Judy Higday)
Siskiyou Region Yreka, CA Harry Shannon
Rocky Mountain Region Centennial, WY (Pat O'Byrne)
Sunshine Region St. Petersberg, FL (Lynn Hardt)
Etowah-Bartow Region Kennesaw, GA (Tony Romano)
Sunflower Region Topeka, KS (Kevin Stilley)
Contemporary Autos of Southern Oregon Medford, OR (Ron Quadros)


Download the list of Regional Directors