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Tire Safety - Important Video - from Tom Stacey
This is a video that you all should view. I learned about this shortly after we moved to New Mexico. Hot ambient temperature and 75mph on I-25 resulted in the left front tire on my 1957 Pontiac losing its tread and disconnecting the parking light wiring and discarding the 'Star Chief' script on the fender. The tire did not loose air and I was able to roll into a rest area about a mile or so ahead where I installed the spare. Later I went back to the site but could only find a remnant of the Star Chief script. When I contacted Coker Tire about the event they exclaimed 'but the tire is 7 years old!' Ever since I have religiously replaced tires at 5 years. By the way that Star Chief script cost me $85 at a swap meet a couple of years later. Don't mess with old tires! If you have had experience with old tires send your stories to:

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